Menu Section: Main courses

Stuffed squash with lamb, dill sauce 3980 Ft Allergens: lactose, egg

Lambshank, hungarian Ratatouille, polenta 4690 Ft Allergens: lactose, gluten, corn

Stuffed sour cabbage rolls with creme fraiche 3490 Ft Allergens: lactose, gluten, egg

Breaded Porkchops (with bones), apple-horseradish cream, vegetables 4190 Ft Allergens: lactose, gluten, egg, celery

Spicy roasted chickenbreast with salad 3190 Ft Allergens: lactose, mustard, soya, sesame

Rose Duckbreast, sour cherry ragout, potatodumplings 3980 Ft Allergens: gluten, egg

Grilled perch-pike fillet, risotto with truffles 4290 Ft Allergens: lacotse, mushroom, fish

Wiener Schnitzel, potatosalad 4190 Ft Allergens: lactose, gluten, egg

STEAK 6980 Ft Tenderloin (200 gr) chanterelles, mashed potatos with truffles Allergens: lactose, mushroom, soy