Frequently asked questions

    • Frequently asked questions

    • 1. Can I pay with SZÉP card?

      In our restaurant sadly, we can not pay with SZÉP card. We accept only cash or normal bank card.

    • 2. Do you have vegetarian menu?

      Our restaurant does not specialize in vegetarian food, but there are some meals from 'a la cart' that does not contain meat. On our menu you can find out more. In case ask the waiter for further information.

    • 3. Do you have gluten-free food?

      All our allergens are displayed on our menu, including gluten . It is important that our restaurant does not store and prepare gluten-free foods in a separate room, so they can contain it in small amounts!

    • 4. How can I reserve a table?

      Reservation requests are accepted ONLY by phone.

    • 5. Szükséges az asztalfoglalás?

      A nyári szezonban minden nap, az őszi és tavaszi időszakban pedig hétvégente fokozottan ajánlott előre telefonon foglalni nálunk, hogy asztalt tudjunk adni vendégeinknek!